International Women’s Day

Celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility in Edgewater.

Each year on March 8 we celebrate women-owned and/or operated businesses and organizations in Edgewater on International Women’s Day. This international movement supports great causes and helps the business community by celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness against bias, and taking action for equality. A challenged world is an alert world and we can all choose to challenge gender bias and inequality. #ChooseToChallenge

In lieu of our Annual International Women’s Day Crawl, we are presenting three video presentations that highlight the strength and perseverance of many of Edgewater’s business leaders as they share their inspirational and motivating stories. These video presentations will be available for viewing on Monday, March, 8. 

Watch a preview of this presentation HERE!

Learn more about these local businesses and support the work they do by visiting them online today!
The Chicago Mosaic School and Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics
Uncommon Ground and Greenstar Brewery
Bark Bark Club and Bark Bark Club Ranch

Watch a preview of this presentation HERE!

Support these exciting Edgewater theaters and keep up to date with their upcoming productions.
Redtwist Theatre
Pivot Arts 
Raven Theatre
Rivendell Theatre Ensemble 
The Edge Theatre
Steep Theatre 

KOVAL is offering a a 10% discount on any KOVAL purchase through 3/9 using the code: IWDKOVAL
All IWD code purchases will also receive a complimentary gallon of sanitizer at pick up, to promote safety and health on this special day. Shop their online store HERE today! 

Local organizations that support women’s health and issues.

Please consider a donation to one of the nonprofits that supports women through their incredible services and programming. Learn more about the great work that these organizations do, right here in Edgewater, by visiting their websites or viewing the video features below. 

Adoption Center of Illinois
Donation Link
Adoption Center of Illinois Video

Care For Real
Donation Link
Care For Real Video

Girl Forward
Donation Link
Girl Forward Video

Loom Chicago
Donation Link
Loom Chicago Video

Syrian Community Network
Donation Link
Syrian Community Network Video

The Viola Project
Donation Link
Viola Project Acknowledgement Video 

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