Bands on Broadway

2023 Bands on Broadway 

The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the exciting return of Bands on Broadway this August. We are seeking talented, local musicians to play a 3-hour set on restaurant patios around the community. This month-long series encourages people to enjoy Chicago‚Äôs beautiful summer nights while dining al fresco and listening to live music. The goal of the event is to support restaurants during a month when many people are on vacation, while also giving musicians the opportunity to gain more visibility with the Edgewater and surrounding communities. 

Bands on Broadway takes place every Friday in August from 6-9pm.

2023 Participating Restaurants: 

Edgewater Tacos | Indie Cafe | Edgewater Mexican Cafe| Regalia | Aunty Joy’s | Nori | Moody’s Pub | Axum Ethiopian Restaurant | Mango Pickle | Mas Alla Del Sol | Brasserie by C&C | Burke’s Public House | Flaco’s Tacos |

2023 Participating Bands: 

August 4

The Andy Mitchell (Edgewater Mexican Cafe) | Beau Barry (Brasserie by C&C) |  Brian McGrath (Indie Cafe) | Denise La Grassa Band (Flaco’s Tacos) | Ed Burns (Edgewater Tacos) | Eric Quigley | GOOROOS aGOOstic (Moody’s Pub) | Haley LeRand (Whiskey Girl Tavern) | Maja Rios Jazz and Beyond (Burke’s Public House) | Manuel Reyes (Porkchop) | Nick Wilkinson (Aunty Joy’s Jerk & Pizza) | Ryan Burns (Nori Chicago) | Peter Saltzman (Mas Alla Del Sol and neighboring restaurants)

August 11

The Andy Mitchell (Whiskey Girl Tavern) | Beau Barry (Porkchop) | Bob Gerics (Aunty Joy’s Jerk & Pizza) | Denise La Grassa Band (Moody’s Pub) | Ed Burns (Nori Chicago) | Gail Gallagher (Edgewater Tacos) | Haley LeRand (Indie Cafe) | Maja Rios Jazz and Beyond (Edgewater Mexican Cafe) | Manuel Reyes (Brasserie by C&C) | Nick Wilkinson (Mas Alla Del Sol and neighboring restaurants) | Peter Saltzman (Burke’s Public House) | William Sherman (Flaco’s Tacos)

August 18

The Andy Mitchell (Porkchop) | Beau Barry (Nori Chicago) | Bob Gerics (Burke’s Public House) | Dan Eberhardt (Indie Cafe) | Ed Burns (Brasserie by C&C) | Haley LeRand (Mas Alla Del Sol and neighboring restaurants) | Maja Rios Jazz and Beyond (Edgewater Tacos) | Manuel Reyes (Flaco’s Tacos) | Nick Wilkinson (Edgewater Tacos) | Peter Saltzman (Aunty Joy’s Jerk & Pizza) | Rob Moore (Edgewater Mexican Cafe) | Sarah Coco (Whiskey Girl Tavern) | Zane + Ashvin (Moody’s Pub)

August 25

Beau Barry (Burke’s Public House) | Dan Eberhardt (Edgewater Tacos) | Denise La Grassa Band (Nori Chicago) | Haley LeRand (Brasserie by C&C) | Manuel Reyes (Mas Alla Del Sol and neighboring restaurants) | Gail Gallagher (Indie Cafe) | Peter Saltzman (Edgewater Mexican Cafe) | Ryan Burns (Whiskey Girl Tavern) | Sarah Coco (Aunty Joy’s Jerk & Pizza) | The Andy Mitchell (Moody’s Pub) | THEM queers (Molly Smith & Nathan Kistler) (Flaco’s Tacos) | Zane + Ashvin (Porkchop)



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