Servant Leadership. Joyful Living.

Edgewater Chamber of Commerce’s board exemplifies its core value of servant leadership and forwards its mission-based work with the small business community in Edgewater and beyond.

The Chamber board strives to embody the characteristics of servant leadership through:

  • listening to each other and our members to understand what their needs are;
  • striving to understand our members’ perspective and intentions;
  • making sure Chamber staff has the knowledge, resources and support they need to do their jobs effectively;
  • looking at ourselves, thinking deeply about our emotions and behavior, and considering how they affect the people around us;
  • imagining the Edgewater of the future and taking steps to bring that vision into reality;
  • using the power of persuasion to encourage people to take action;
  • and building community among each other and our neighborhood.

We desire a board with a diversity of perspective. A diverse board means our directors have experience in different industries, are from multiple generations, and come from various social, religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Our board members’ expertise is crucial to our ability to ask critical questions and assess information regarding the Chamber’s visioning, program, stewardship, governing and leadership responsibilities.

If you are a current chamber member and have a desire to serve the Edgewater community as a board member of the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, please fill out the Chamber Board Application.  Applications are reviewed at quarterly Governance Committee meetings.

 Board Members

Michael Caramagno
Caramagno + Associates

Patti Colandrea
Bark Bark Club

Sean Connolly
Helix Cafe

David Frederickson
State Farm Insurance

Adam G. Gertsacov
Acme Clown Company

Tim Harrington
Barr Funeral Home

Troy McMillan
Vice Chair

Kate Piatt-Eckert

Steep Theatre

Cecilia Rodriguez
Loyola University

Maria Sigman
Salon Echo

Kelly L. Stoltz
Nicolaides Fink Thorpe Michaelides Sullivan LLP

Tom Welch
Edgewater Reads