Edgewater Assembly

Thinking about your marketing strategy? So are we.

We’ve partnered with the team at Savvyeur™ to host a virtual discussion, Thursday, April 1 at 3 p.m. on Why Marketing Matters.

Marketing is not only social media
Marketing is not only a website
Marketing is not only word of mouth
…it is all of those things and so much more.

Marketing is so Much More
In this hands-on virtual workshop, or Webshop™ as Savvyeur likes to call it, Edgewater Businesses will explore the breadth of marketing disciplines at their disposal, evaluate their current initiatives, and identify new ways to grow their businesses.
Marketing can be confusing. There are so many ways to share a message, but which ones are right for you? As a small business owner, how do you make sure your time and money are being spent wisely? And, which tactics will provide the best return on investment? In this Webshop™, Savvyeur will provide you with unique knowledge and tools to start putting together the pieces of the marketing puzzle for your business.
Moderated By:
Lisa Craig has been fascinated by brands for over 25 years and is passionate about the value of strategy in a tactically-focused world. Her strategic brand identity is “Grounded Strategist.” She serves as Savvyeur’s VP of Brand & Content Strategy while continuing to work with global brands in the areas of insight, brand architecture, brand strategy and identity development as the owner of Northern Magnolia Brand Consulting.

This Webshop™ is part of the Savvyeur Do It With Me approach to enabling small business owners to reap the rewards of marketing success. During this one-hour program we will:

  • Help participants understand the breadth of marketing tools at their disposal.
  • Guide participants through an interactive exercise to help them pinpoint their barriers and evaluate their current marketing mix.
  • Help each participant identify new marketing opportunities to propel their business forward.
  • Facilitate discussions to help participants brainstorm next steps to grow their business through marketing.

Putting the right marketing pieces together to grow a small business is not easy. Let Savvyeur help you create a new picture of marketing success that saves time and money and helps you achieve your goals. After all, your small business success equals success for the broader Edgewater community. 

Join us for the first FREE Edgewater Assembly on Thursday, April 1 at 3pm. In these quarterly meetings we’ll bring in consultants, leaders, technology providers and community builders to have real conversations with you on how to continue to build your businesses together as a community. All you have to do is sign up and attend.

“Marketing is an important part of my business. The team at Savvyeur collaboratively worked with my team to provide insightful recommendations that made a real change in the way we approached our marketing efforts.”
Maria Sigman, Owner Salon Echo
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