Special Service Area #26 (SSA #26) is a special taxing district that has been established in Edgewater on Broadway from Foster to Devon and Devon from Broadway to Glenwood.

The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce is the Sole Service Provider for SSA #26. Started in 2003, this is an economic development initiative paid for by a tax levied on the commercial properties that are located within the boundaries of the designated area. In 2012, a 15 year extension was approved by the Chicago City Council.  A Board of Commissioners has been appointed by the mayor’s office to determine how to invest the funds each year.

SSA #26 provides for:

  • Planters and landscaping along the Edgewater Commercial District, which has resulted in numerous awards in recognition of our efforts
  • Sidewalk snow removal and maintenance within the SSA #26 boundaries, including power washing
  • Maintenance of SSA #26 trash receptacles
  • Winter holiday decorations that brighten up the area
  • Funding to support marketing efforts within the SSA #26 boundaries, including events such as the Edgewater Farmers Market, Edgewater Fall Art Fair and EdgeFest
  • Facade Rebates 
  • Sidewalk Cafe Rebates
  • Health and Sanitation Rebate Program
  • Outdoor Dining Shelter Rebate Program
  • Improved pedestrian and cyclist friendly environment via bike corral installation
  • Public art

Request For Proposal

The following 2021  services are now open for bid:

2020 Photographer RFP
2021 Auditor
2021 Landscape and Weed Services RFP
2021 Litter Abatement RFP
2021 Snow Season 
The district has been divided into two sections to allow smaller companies to bid on the work. A contractor may choose to bid on just the North or South section of the SSA or may submit for both sections. Review the SSA map including the North and South section here
2021 Snow Season RFP North Section
2021 Snow Season RFP South Section
SSA #26 is accepting applications for 2021 events in the SSA district that help forward the mission of the SSA. Apply for funding using this form. Applications are due Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

Annual Report

SSA #26 map

SSA #26 Commission Meetings