Public Art

Illuminations: an Edgewater Art Experience (October 2021)

The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce presented Illuminations: An Edgewater Art Experience October 2021. Following  2020’s project Reflections, Illuminations featured local street artists, professional muralists, mosaic world masters, fine artists and more. This public art initiative was presented by the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, SSA 26, Bark Bark Club, First Midwest Bank and the Chamber’s Elite members Salon Echo, Caramagno+Associates, Green Element Resale, Dave Frederickson State Farm, Loyola University and Byline Bank.

More than 10, indoor and outdoor art installations were installed in available storefronts on Broadway, Bryn Mawr, Granville and more. 

For a map of Edgewater Public Art CLICK HERE.

1052-56 W Bryn Mawr Ave – Available Storefront
Contact BMBS, Eagle Management LLC at and (773)275-3703 for more information. 
Artist: Beauty and Brawn
Beauty & Brawn is a unique curatorial partnership based in Chicago that specializes in custom art and mural creation, collection building, and project management. Partners, Lindsey Meyers and Simone Garcia, are themselves artists, gallerists and activists who believe “art is for everyone”. With a focus on local, national and global artists, Meyers and Garcia love to tackle creative challenges that lead to memorable experiences, iconic public-facing art and culturally inclusive dialogue. Additionally, the duo has diverse backgrounds in arts education, fabrication and programming and production for both public and private initiatives. Meyers and Garcia are responsible for some of the most renowned murals and events in Chicago and beyond. Their breadth of clients include: the City of Chicago, Soho House, International Women’s Forum, Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Hyatt Centric, Mastercard, Supera Asset Management, Peak Properties, The Chicago Yacht Club, the Flint Public Art Project and more.
Title: I am good and good will come
This piece focuses on positive “self” existence and mental health that is not indicative of any external source, validation, exposure nor stimulus. We are all good people and the energy we share with the world begins within us and is intrinsic to our beings and our immediate environment. We believe living with and sharing this ideology has a beautiful ripple effect which spreads love and joy and just plain goodness!

1064 W Bryn Mawr Ave – Available Storefront
Contact BMBS, Eagle Management LLC at and (773)275-3703 for more information. 
Artist: Jason Pickleman 
Jason Pickleman creates a body of work through conceptual and popular ideas using media as varied neon, offset painting, silkscreen, collage, photography and commercially available ready-mades. Pickleman opened his own studio, JNL Graphic Design, in 1992 that specializes in the creation of graphic ephemera of unique significance.
Title: Kid Pix Glo 
This series comprises computer generated abstract drawings on top of which are applied illuminated neon shapes, letters and miscellaneous graphic forms that echo the marks and gestures behind them. The works in the series are fun and spritely, projecting a sense of humor in the way the neon elements relate to the other flat-forms from which the works are composed. Kid Pix Glo #1 and #2 are multi-media in the truest sense of the word.

Edge on Broadway – 6419 N Broadway St – Available Storefront
Edge on Broadway consists of brand-new studio, one-bedroom & two-bedroom apartments located in the heart of Edgewater at 6149 N. Broadway, Chicago IL. With premium apartment features and a wide variety of community amenities, tenants at Edge will experience unparalleled living. For leasing information contact
Artist: John E. Bannon
John E. Bannon, a native Chicagoan, is a multimedia visual artist whose work can be seen in both public and private collections here and abroad. Creator of the multiple-perspective anamorphic sculpture, Bannon continually investigates the experience of human perception through the use of neon, metal, wood, paint and video.
What it Is and What it’s For (love is for-giving), Neon
See Level,
Ink on Acrylic, Neon
Grow Light,
15mm Gro-Lux tubing bent using Palmer script. The phosphor in this tube is designed to encourage plant growth.

1101 W Granville Ave
Contact Rae Ann at and (773)742-6096 for details about this property.
Artist: Melina Scotte 
Melina Scotte, born and raised in Argentina, started painting at just 12 years old. The inspiration for her pieces are people and bright colors. She hopes to inspire people to be creative and “look for those things that feed the soul.” Her way of creating art is always different depending on the diverse material she uses including knife painting, brushes, watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels etc. The purpose of her art is to allow the viewers to see something from their own perspective and to be able to transmit beauty and imagination through her artwork.
Dear Jean (paint on canvas) 
When I fall in love with the sunset
(paint on canvas)
(paint on canvas)
Inside Patterns (paint on canvas)
Red Bull Live Painting
(paint on canvas) 
Blue Shadow
(paint on canvas)
(paint on canvas) 
Neon Portrait
(paint on canvas)

5757 N Broadway – Available Storefront
For information about this property, contact David at Heartland Real Estate Management Ltd.
Artist: Natasha Wheat
Natasha Wheat is a first generation Panamanian-American artist whose diverse body of work explores social experience as a sensual phenomenon that is riddled with hierarchical complexity. Her objects, installations, and interventions engender and disrupt materials, often existing as traces of violent experience. Wheat is the founder of Project Grow, an art studio and urban farming program based in Portland, Oregon, that employed developmentally disabled adults and investigated the intersection of food, value systems, society, and physical contact with the earth as a form of de-institutionalization. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Her studio is in Los Angeles, CA. 
Title: Autonomy Handed To You Is An Illusion, 2009, Neon. Courtesy of the artist and 6018North
The work challenges notions of freedom, self-governance, and decision-making. In an age when the word freedom, liberty, and self governance can have multiple connotations, the work asks not about the meaning of freedom, but how freedom can ultimately be realized.

5759 N Broadway – Available Storefront
For information about this property, contact David at Heartland Real Estate Management Ltd.
Artist: Dana Major
Title: Belltower
, 2015: Light, crystal, copper mesh, and steel. Courtesy of the artist and 6018North
Using everyday objects that refract light, a crystal bowl and copper screen, the work casts infinite shadows. Dana Major’s installations and interactive performances employ visual attention and surprise, using LEDs, reflection, light, and lenses to show patterns and processes of perception. Her work aims to reveal how our inherent limitations of ways of seeing come to be called reality.

1326 W Hollywood Ave – Chicago Filmmakers
Chicago Filmmakers is a not-for-profit media arts organization that fosters the creation, appreciation, and understanding of film and video as media for artistic and personal expression, as well as media of important social and community impact. Chicago Filmmakers’ twofold mission is to serve independent film and digital video artists by supporting the creation and dissemination of new media arts works and to serve Chicago audiences by screening artistically innovative, socially relevant, and diverse films and videos.
Artist: Jackalope Theatre Company
Title: The Living Newspaper, Video
Six short plays inspired by news articles featuring the top rising talent in Chicago. This piece is a projection of the all-digital Living Newspaper Series created last season (you can also view the short films on jackalope’s YouTube page for free).




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Reflections: An Edgewater Art Experience (October 2020)

The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce (ECC) presented Reflections: An Edgewater Art Experience, a series of art installations with more than 20 works that could be seen on Broadway, Bryn Mawr, Clark, Granville and Thorndale. A detailed map of Edgewater’s public art is still available HERE

Reflections featured local street artists, professional muralists, mosaic world masters, fine artists and others displayed on storefronts, theatres, businesses and walls throughout Edgewater. To create this immersive Edgewater art experience, ECC partnered with art initiatives supported by the Lytle House, Urban Art Restart, Paint the City, the Chicago Mosaic School, and the 48th Ward.

This program highlighted small businesses, theatres, available properties and the Edgewater neighborhood at a time when travel around the city is limited. Reflections allowed residents the opportunity to explore the public art in the neighborhood, seek out new places and spaces, and connect to communities as reflected through art. There is something for everyone in Edgewater, and were proud to show how we are a multi-cultural and eclectic part of Chicago.

Learn more by watching this short video!


The Edgewater Garden Project (2020)
1401 W. Devon

The Edgewater Garden Project is a series of flower mosaic murals installed on building facades throughout Edgewater. The project was created by Chicago Mosaic School artists and funded by SSA#26 through the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce as part of an annual public art investment in the commercial district. The first Installation was installed at the corner of Glenwood and Devon at Uncommon Ground and will continue with four subsequent installations throughout the year. 
The piece is entitled Wild Flowers by artist Etty Hasak. Born in Tel Aviv, Etty was a student at the College of the Arts in Ramat Hasharon, Israel. She has been in the US for over 30 years, creating mosaics in Chicago since 2006. Her work has evolved as she gained more knowledge at the Chicago Mosaic School where she is now a Principal Faculty member.

We All Live Here! (2020)
5910 N Broadway

Edgewater Chamber of Commerce was awarded a grant from LISC Chicago and Groupon to create a public art piece in partnership with Rich Alapack, founder of we all live here. The we all live here project was founded in 2015 as a public mantra to promote inclusivity and tolerance. Since the project’s beginning, Rich has worked in over 90 schools and with numerous businesses to bring his message to people all around Chicago and the world. He is currently partnering with 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman to create we all live here signs for schools in the 48th Ward.
For the project in Edgewater, we will be taking photos of everyday Edgewater residents to create a photo collage with the words we all live here. The collage will be installed on a wall in Edgewater in the summer of 2020.

Respiration (2018)
1346 W. Devon

Escuchela, la ciudad respirando. (Listen, the city breathes) – Mural artist Mauricio Ramirez pulls inspiration by listening to conversations with locals in the community.  Respiration features local business owners and community members that represent the diverse ethnic background that make up Edgewater.  Mauricio presents the artwork in a technique called “lo-poly” which gives the illusion of a 3D portrait through meticulously placed and colored geometric shapes.  The mural works well when viewing from a distance but can also translate to abstract imagery up-close. 

Cultivating Harmony (2017)
6241 N. Broadway

Artist Molly Z set out to weave together multiple narratives in her mural. In thinking about the Edgewater Community and what is already at work, she wanted to align with the mission of making the neighborhood more “living” using nature-inspired imagery. The idea of creating a mural that represented a sense of “nurturing” seemed fitting because both the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and Green Element Resale provide and care for their community in unique ways. 

American Love Letter (2016)
5964 N. Broadway

 Artist Andrew Swanson created this light installation in December 2016. The piece uses light to provide all citizens of Edgewater with a sense of safety and comfort, both physically and mentally, in the windows of the landmark Broadway Bank building. 
As one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods, it is the artist’s hope that this installation will bring a sense of peace and belonging to all inhabitants of Edgewater, while also providing light along a dark spot on Edgewater’s main commercial corridor. 
The words chosen send a message of hope, joy, love, and most importantly — inclusivity. They are written in 6 languages, chosen to highlight just a few of the dozens of languages from around the globe spoken in Edgewater.