Bands on Broadway


Bands on Broadway: Bringing Live Music to Edgewater

Each year the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce fills the air with live music to highlight the outdoor dining options along Broadway and neighboring streets. The sounds of all types of music, from high energy rock bands to intimate, acoustic performers, can be heard by diners enjoying an equally diverse selection of cuisines. Residents are encouraged to choose a location to enjoy a performance with their meal or mix things up by grabbing a cocktail to start things off at one location and working up to dessert at a final one! This night is a celebration of the rich music history of Chicago in true Edgewater style. Music carries from block to block and may even be enjoyed by those who order their meal for takeout and listen from their own backyards.

Stay tuned for more information on how we plan to energize the neighborhood with live performances in 2021!

Photos from previous years