Thorndale Avenue Corridor Improvement Grant

In 2014, the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce secured a grant from the City of Chicago to improve the storefronts on the Thorndale commercial district from Broadway to Winthrop.

The improvements come on the heels of years of work by the Thorndale Avenue Action Task Force to make Thorndale safer and more attractive for customers. The Task Force’s efforts resulted in additional lighting, police foot patrols, and a court advocacy program.

Despite increased safety, there were many business improvements identified in the Task Force’s Project Beautify Thorndale that were not completed due to lack of funding. The Thorndale Avenue Corridor Improvement Grant provided a funding source to complete the improvement projects.

Bubble Land Laundry

Bubble Land Laundry’s floor was coming up in multiple places. New flooring created a safer, cleaner and more attractive Laundromat.


Jackalope Theatre

Jackalope Theatre Company’s storefront needed new window displays and signage to draw attention to their location on Thorndale. New window displays and signage are an attractive addition to Thorndale Avenue.


Castle Liquor

Castle Liquor’s outdoor lighting was no longer working. Removing the old cages and broken lights and replacing them with new LED lights light the sidewalk and draw attention to the business.


Armen’s  Jewelry

Armen’s Jewelry needed an awning to stand out and draw customers to the store. A new awning draws attention to the store and helps the window displays stand out.


Edgewater Workbench

Edgewater Workbench moved in to 1130 W Thorndale, a storefront in desperate need of renovation. The new sign points customers to the store and brightens the entire block.