Edgewater Awards

Edgewater Innovator Award Nominations Now Open!

 Thank you for voting for the Edgewater Innovator Award. The winner will be announced at State of Edgewater on Thursday, June 6 at 8 am at Emanuel Congregation




Congratulations to the 2018 Edgewater Visionary Award Winner, Joe Lev!

As a young teacher and Edgewater resident, Joe Lev has thrown his energy and talents into strengthening our public high school which, in turn, strengthens our whole community. Joe exemplifies a can-do attitude; always looking for ways to improve the situation at hand. He is the chair of the Social Studies Department at Senn High School, where he has encouraged all students to take AP and IB classes beginning in 10th grade. In addition, coaches the baseball teams and represents his fellow teachers on the Professional Leadership Team.

Joe recognizes that stronger parent/community involvement at the high school leads to a stronger community overall. Joe reaches out for support across platforms, involving other teachers, staff, parents, businesses, government and students to work together to achieve the goal of school improvement.

He changed the game for the school and the neighborhood it serves by starting a fundraising and community building organization, the Friends of Senn. Joe found ways to raise much needed funds for the school that would also build school spirit and engage the neighbors, including a Fall Festival, Senntoberfest, in coordination with Alderman Osterman’s office, the Park District, and the Senn Park PAC.