Edgewater Presbyterian Church and Community House

1020 Bryn Mawr Ave. Chicago IL, 60660


Phone: (773) 561-4748

Edgewater Presbyterian Church is a multicultural church reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of the neighborhood. With members from Nigeria and Nebraska; Cameroon, Kenya and Kansas; India and Indiana. The church is young and "seasoned" and represents various sexual orientations, religious, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds. What brings these people together is their love for God and neighbor. They gather to join in prayer, worship, music, celebration, Bible study, and to serve the neighborhood together. The Community House is home to a variety of non-profit and artistic organizations, such as City Lit Theatre, Creation Lab (faith-based artistic space), and numerous music teachers.  All are welcomed into the “Spirit Space,” a peaceful room for prayer or meditation. The spacious sanctuary and intimate chapel are perfect options for  hosting weddings. A variety of creative rental spaces are available, ranging from classroom or office space, a full-size gymnasium, and the “Log Cabin” room for birthday parties and youth gatherings. Worship is on Sundays at 11am with special holiday services, Bible Study and other gatherings are offered throughout the week. Join us!